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dejtingsajt för fula namn Published September 04, 2009

In your view, what are the most important trends within radiology today?

dejtingsajt sport fotboll To start with, the most obvious global demographic trend is the constantly rising elderly population. Driven by this and also by medical advances, healthcare costs per capita and radiology examinations per capita continue to increase. As a result, we face a situation where more and more images need to be read. And as radiologists are a scarce resource, this has become a pressing issue.

dejting helt gratis ziehen Today physicians are facing the task of analyzing and compiling a mass of information, while at the same time the demand from patients for information is growing and budgets are shrinking. Patients, insurance policyholders and taxpayers are well informed and place high demands. They are no longer as loyal, and will choose the care provider that can convince them that they are the most reliable and provide the best service in terms of short waiting times, the possibility for “outpatients” to book/rebook, gain information about examinations, have their diagnosis/case history documentation presented in an easy-to-interpret manner, etc.

It sounds like efficiency is, and will be, a key factor?

helt gratis nätdejting exempel Exactly, to cope with the growing demand for healthcare services and the increasing demands of patients just mentioned, it all boils down to one big question: how to take advantage of new diagnostic possibilities to achieve more efficient patient care with fewer resources.

dejting på nätet gratis youtube More and more hospitals aim at sharing their workload to meet the increased demand within radiology. Sub specialization which results in remote consultation; nighthawks, teleradiology and outsourcing of image reading to other hospitals, or even across borders are becoming an increasingly more common scenario and a radiology workflow without limits is emerging.

dejting på nätet gratis yrkesutbildningar But efficiency is not only the ability to view images anywhere or to outsource, it is the entire value chain that counts. From the point when a person needs treatment to the point when the treatment is completed.

dejt expert At Sectra we build systems that enable a distributed workflow and which efficiently transfer images, patient information and results for immediate access—when and where needed. Systems that can handle the vast amount of data from new modalities and make images available from wherever, no matter the size of data, along with integrated visualization tools, which make it easy for the referring physician to explain the findings to the patient. This is the level of functionality requested today.

dejting 55 plus jobb Efficient radiology IT systems combined with the globalization of networks are prerequisite for cooperation across geographic and sub-specialty boundaries. Developments in infrastructure open a world of possibilities within radiology. Today you could be sitting in a sailing boat in the West Indies able to read images from a hospital in Stockholm.

What do you see as the benefits of this wide area radiology scenario?

dejting 55 plus jobs Patients will receive a faster and more accurate diagnosis and a shorter waiting time since radiology departments will be able get immediate remote consultation when needed and will also be able to handle more patients per day. This is made possible by communication and cooperation across hospital boundaries, efficiency gains and the opportunity to employ resources and unique expertise in an entirely new way. Hospitals can utilize all 24 hours in a day and better handle peaks in workload. Hospitals groups can secure specialist reading competence by sharing expertise with each other, for example. Ultimately this will mean a greater survival rate thanks to earlier and more accurate treatment.

dejting 55 plus turk For the radiologist a wide area radiology solution also gives flexibility in terms of work location. They can work from their home office or wherever they like. Not only is this convenient for the individual radiologist, it also means one radiologist can serve several hospitals where only part-time employment can be offered.

roliga dejting historier utøya Another benefit for the patient not directly connected to wide area radiology, but more to new imaging technology is that with the right visualization tools, communication between the patient and clinician is greatly improved. Clinicians can easily show and explain findings to patients in a more visually understandable way. Patients react very positively to the fact that they can actually see for themselves how, for example, a tumor has diminished.

What challenges accompany these changes within radiology?

roliga dejting historier undervisning When implementing IT systems for radiology, it is essential to take into consideration not only the workflow of the radiology department but also the workflow of the whole healthcare chain, from the first contact with the patient to the last. There is a lot of discussion about “global workflow” when aiming at optimizing the care process. Tools to find bottlenecks are needed and process management of radiology departments is essential. Today, there are a lot more patients in the systems, thus careful workflow analyses are of utmost importance. We constantly need to do what we can to improve the workflow. To get the right information to the right place. And when there, give the physicians adequate tools to interpret the information and to document and present their findings to referring colleagues and/or the patient.

dejtingsajt användarnamn youtube RIS/PACS vendors must be experts on their customer’s customer, the referring physician. Radiologists need efficient tools to give high-quality service to the clinicians that in turn benefit the patients. Consequently, vendors must work the length of the healthcare chain, always with the patient in focus.

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